This year in theme of royal towns and mountain competitions

This year in theme of royal towns and mountain competitions

For the annual 61st time, the race will start on June the 7th, 2017, with the opening prologue in Levoča. More UCI points, higher prize money and more quality teams, all this is the part of this year's annual event and it's all possible thanks to it's rise to the higher category of UCI 2.1. This year's stage cities are connected through a theme of royal town.


The race will commence similarly to last year - with a festive introduction of teams and subsequent evening prologue through historical streets of town of Levoča. The prologue will bring the first time differences to the scorecard and it will point out the first bearer of yellow jersey as well as bearers of other valuable jerseys. On the following day, cyclists will face a difficult, 212 km long stage, heading through our mountains. Seven mountain competitions and two speed competitions await the riders on the track among Levoča, Štrbské Pleso, Čertovica, Brezno and Banská Bystrica, where the finish line is located. On Friday, the race will continue with the wavy stage, heading southwest. The cyclists will have to overcome 172 kilometers to reach the finish line in Nitra, and will also face three mountain and three speed competitions. They will pass through Žiar nad Hronom, the setting of this year's joint championship of Slovaks and Czechs on the road. They'll also overcome Salamandra, pass through Banská Štiavnica and will reach Nitra gradually through Tlmače and Zlaté Moravce. On the following day, the race will lead from Nitra to Trnava. Although the both stage towns of the saturday's stage located on the flat ground, the riders will not be short of challenging stage with four mountain competitions and three speed competitions. The royal stage, 222 km long, will lead them through mountain saddle of Havran, and then through Čachtice, Štemberg, Poľana and Brezová pod Bradlom to Trstiny and then to Trnava. The race will be concluded on Sunday, with circuits through the oldest free royal town of Trnava.


In overall, cyclists from different countries of Europe and overseas, will get through more than 762 kilometers during four days. They'll fight in 14 mountain competitions and 11 speed competitions and they'll split 738 UCI points among themselves.


The finish line towns will be, similarly as last year, accompanied with a rich show for the wide public, displaying also other departments of cycling. The bronze medal winner from MS, Nicole Frýbortová, will be demonstrating of acrobatics on the bicycle. Ján Kočiš, the world's champion in cyclotrial, will show off jumps and other adrenaline fueled pieces which will take the breath away from all the audience. The part of the show in each town will also be the concert of band Hudba z Marsu, and also performance of local folk groups.


The double-day program in Trnava will be enriched with other interesting activities as well. The town's bike ride, knnown as Bercajgel, exhibition and manifestation of historical bicycles in cooperation with Tyrnaviavelo organization, or the saturday criterium for youth in connection with series of Slovakian cup race. On Sunday, the wide groups of cycling enthusiasts will get a chance to try the shorter circuit of the track thanks to the traditional event for public - Energy on wheels. The whole program taking place in Trnava during Saturday and Sunday will be called Cajgelvíkend.


We believe that our most important home event will draw all the enthusiasts of this sport to the roads. 5 procontinental and 20 continental and representational teams (italian Androni Giocattoli, russian Gazprom Rusvelo, colombian Manzana Postobon, polish CCC Sprandi, israeli Israel Cycling Academy) have confirmed their attendance of the event. Our only professional domestic team Dukla Banská Bystrica will be present as well along with a selection of Slovakian representation. Teams of winners of last year's jerseys (Unieuro, Amplatz BMC) won't be missing as well. Our goal is to get together cyclists that will ensure many dramatic fights in this annual of the event as well. We believe that in the future, we'll be able to adjust the date of the race that way so that in horizon of 2-3 years, the cycling enthusiasts could cheer on this event also for our greatest Slovakian star, Peter Sagan.