Bora now has a second victory in a row, too, as Pelucchi beats Jakobsen

Bora now has a second victory in a row, too, as Pelucchi beats Jakobsen

Matteo Pelucchi has imitated Rüdiger Selig‘s yesterday’s feat, as Nitra saw an epidemic of mass bunch sprint. The riders of the one and only continental team of Slovakia also became a part of the highlight of the event. Two members of Dukla have stood on the podium at the end of the day.


The third stage begins where the second one ended, in Dubnica nad Váhom. In front of the local industrial high school, the peloton started out at one a clock in the afternoon, followed by a loud applause of fans who once again gathered in high numbers in order to cheer for the modern gladiators. The cyclists have moved to Nitra in a stage which was almost 181 kilometers long. Today’s stage doesn’t look very difficult on paper, but the reality was a bit different.


Today, as yesterday, the stage begun very fast, in part also because of the  sprint, which was waiting for riders on the fifth kilometer already. The victory there belonged to the riders who were already in the break, namely to Martin Haring of Dukla Banská Bystrica and four other riders in the front, much to dislike of teams like Quick-Step Floors and Bora – hansgrohe, which didn’t want to let such a big group enter the breakaway. Their break therefore ended even before the first classified climb, but on the other hand, other cyclists left for the break there.


To be more specific, we’re talking about Patrik Tybor of Dukla Banská Bystrica and Jan Bárta of Czech continental team Elkov – Author. Both riders weren’t a threat to bigger teams, so they created more than a one minute lead almost immediately. Consequently, during a steep climb to the Vršatecké Podhradie village, they could enjoy the fantastic scenery resembling nothing else than the biggest stage race of the world, Tour de France. There was an audience consisting of thousands of people by the road, and they were going crazy. The Czecho-Slovakian duo has reached the top of the hill full four minutes earlier than the peloton. Tybor took full score there.


In Vršatec, nothing important has happened inside the peloton. No other cyclist attacked and that’s why Giulio Ciccone of Bardiani – CSF came for the remaining points of the competition, thus deciding definitely  who is going to be the king of the mountain of the 62nd Annual of The Tour of Slovakia. Haring (Dukla) also did some fine work and one point was also given to Juraj Sagan of Bora – hansgrohe. Afterwards, there was a descent to Dubnica. Two riders fell down during it. Nurgali Turebekov of Apple Team looked worse than the other rider, as he had to step inside the ambulance and wasn’t able to reach the finish line of today’s stage.


Sprint was waiting for the riders in Dubnica nad Váhom. This time, Bárta (Elkov – Author) was the winner. The leading due has worked remmarkably throughout the whole day and even though the gap between them and the peloton was slowly shortening, they were still able to take three other competitions on the road of the third stage all for themselves. In the mountain competitions, Tybor (Dukla) was the winner. On the very final competition, the sprinting one taking place in Zlaté Moravce, it was the Czech veteran who crossed the finish line first. After that the bunch has finally caught up with the two runaways.


Today’s stage also saw its share of terrifying situations. Technical problems and mainly falls have afflicted Slovakian cyclists as well. One of the victims was also Erik Baška of Bora – hansgrohe. Nevertheless, he was able to return to the bunch and in the end he could happily watch his team colleague triumph on the finish line. The winner of the third stage is Matteo Pelucchi, who managed to defeat the two sprinting stars – Fabio Jakobsen (Quick-Step) who finished on the second position, and also Christoph Laporte (Cofidis) who ended on the fourth position. So far, he isn’t doing very well in Slovakia.


Before the final day, only the leader of the points competition changed. Julian Alaphilippe (Quick-Step) was replaced by tireless Martin Haring (Dukla), other competitions remain unchanged. Alaphilippe still holds the yellow jersey and has a sixteen seconds lead on the currently second Jan Tratnik (CCC Sprandi Polkowice). Even after Saturday, the best young rider is still Tobias Foss (Uno-X Norwegian Development). Matúš Štoček, representing the national team, has fortified his position of the best Slovakian rider. Patrik Tybor (Dukla) will carry the red number tomorrow.