2nd Stage: Maxim Averin - yesterday second, today first and wears the yellow jersey

2nd Stage: Maxim Averin - yesterday second, today first and wears the yellow jersey

After the quick first stage on the 59th year of Tour of Slovakia, in which riders were moving almost at the speed of 46 km per hour , the second stage awaited the riders, but now it was a mountain stage. In it, the riders fought for points in five hilly and three sprints. One of the sprints was won by Juraj Sagan, member of the team of Slovakian representation and he also got the third position in the first hilly bonus. The first one to spurt across the finish line was an azerbaijani Maxim Averin of Synergy Baku. Michajl Kononek of ukrainian Kolss BDC was the second, followed by Davide Vigano of italian Team Idea 2010 ASD. The Italian has won the third position for the second time. 127 riders stood on the starting line.

Maxim Averin removed the yellow jersey from the Italian Filippo Fortin by today’s victory. Fortin wore it on the first stage. Besides that, Averin had raced himself the white jersey with blue dots for the most active cyclist. „Yesterday, I gained the second position in the final spurt. Today it payed off for me. I had a great position, I won and we’re all happy,“ said Averin immediately after finishing the race and also added: „It would be normal to say that I’m tired but, after winning, I feel so much adrenalin that I don’t even realize I’m tired. I’m now going for a massage to the hotel and maybe after that, the exhaustion will come.“

The older one from the cycling brotherly duo of Saga had ended the stage on the best position among other slovakian riders. He finished, gaining the 22nd position. He also won and gained the third position on the bonuses. „It was very difficult today. The opening turned out fine for me, but it’s a pity that there were riders missing from the stronger teams. On the final lap, we tried to enter the peloton but we lacked the strength to do that in the end. Today my feet were better than yesterday, but we still have two challenging days ahead of us and I believe that we will accomplish something. Despite the mountain stage, in the end it all got connected and there was spurting,“ Juraj Sagan commented on the second stage.

 After the final hilly bonus in Bystrá in altitude of 1135 meters, there was a 10 member group created. In it, there were for example Martin Mahďar of KEMO Dukla Trenčín or Jiří Polnický of Whirpool Author (he had won the final sprint). Maxim Vasilijev had accomplished to leak from the group. He managed to create himself the peloton worth of great three minute lead and roughly half a minute for his pursuers.  After this final hilly bonus, the main package divided to four parts. But the lead of the leading group was erased during the final kilometers and so the viewers could see spurting on the finish line.

The riders didn’t avoid falls during the second stage. The swiss rider Thomas Terrettaz of Humard Vélo-Passion team had broke his arm on the 21st kilometer and the ambulance had to take him. Misfortune didn’t avoid Slovakians as well. Five kilometers before the finish line, Martin Haring of CK Banská Bystrica had dislocated his finger after the fall and he had a time shortage on the winner in the finish. Filip Taragel from Slovakian representation had back pain and found himself on the ground as well. Three other riders got caught into the fall also and as though they didn’t already have some health problems, everything happened closely near the protection zone and so the loss on the winner was counted for them. Haring’s team colleague and team manager had mentioned Haring. „Martin is a very good hilly rider. But the problem in today’s stage is that it starts towards the hill. It would be better if it would start up on the flat ground and then came the hills. It’s a paradox that hills are after the starting line,“ Fraňo stated shortly before the start of the second stage.

The riders split the most valuable jersey after the second stage as following. The winner of the second stage, Maxim Averin, will wear yellow jersey and he also raced himself the white one with blue dots. That will be worn by the next in line, Davide Vigano of Team Idea 2010 ASD. In the white dress with red dots we will see José Hernandeta of Italian GM Cycling Team tomorrow and at least during the third stage we will see Oleg Zemljakov of Kazachstani representation wear the white jersey. Maroš Kováč of KEMO Dukla Trenčín had kept his jersey as the best Slovakian in the competition.

The second stage went on through many sections of roads that are currently being repaired. But the road workers made their best to accomodate the race. They didn’t just limit the work but they also made possible the wide and fluent passing of the convoy via difficult modifications of the road. The sports director of the race, Ľudovít Lučanič, even publicly thanked the Slovakian Road Administration for it.

The start of the Friday’s stage of the 59th year of the cycling race of The Tour of Slovakia organizers planned on 11:30. Riders are going to race on 196,2 kilometer long track. They start in the town part of Poprad, Spišská Sobota and the goal of their stage is in Žiar nad Hronom. Cyclists will go through 40 towns and villages of Slovakia and will fight for points in two sprints and six hilly bonuses.